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“Sloe Sparkles”

A fun Christmas or New Year party drink, for breaking the ice, or serving as a pre-dinner aperitif is this delicious recipe using homemade Sloe Vodka.

Pour a measure of Sloe Vodka into a champagne flute and add a squeeze of lemon. Top up with either champagne, prosecco or any sparkling white wine, chilled.



Sloe Vodka Update

Three months after creating and bottling up my Sloe Vodka, it was time to finally sieve the alcohol and fruit, then bottle (and taste) the final product.

The sloes that came out of the storage bottle were a gorgeous rich red colour which in turn made the vodka an amazing translucent red colour.

Having never made or tasted Sloe Vodka before, I poured myself a small measure and was pleasantly suprised at how clean, crisp and full of flavour it was. It was sweeter than I thought it would be as well! I had to stop the tasting process so that there would be some left to give away as xmas presents.

I also have some other ideas planned on how to use some of the vodka in a post to come, so watch this space!

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Sloe on Foodista

Sloe Vodka


Having foraged what seems like half a truck load of sloes, I decided that I personally would prefer to make Sloe Vodka rather than the common format Gin!

Having seen it for sale at country game fairs I thought I would try it out, simply replacing vodka for the gin. So my mum gave me her Sloe Gin recipe and off I went!

1lb Sloes
8ozs Caster sugar
75cl Vodka

1 Prick the sloes all over with a cocktail stick or needle. If you wait for the first frost of the year, the sloes may already be cracked open.

2 Mix the sloes with the sugar and then add them to a large storage bottle or container with the vodka.

3 Store the bottle in a cool dark cupboard and shake it every other day for a week. Then shake it once a week for two months.

4 The sloe vodka will take on a beautiful dark red colour and be ready to drink.

5 After two to three months, pour the mixture into bottles through a funnel lined with fine mesh or cheesecloth and store in a cool place again.

Might have to make a lot more of this stuff for xmas presents looking at the amount of sloes I have left. My only problem is that I wish I had someone to prick all the sloes for me!!

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If you make this recipe, please come back and let me know!


Sloe on Foodista