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Shortbread Biscuits


A real lifelong favourite of mine are my mum’s shortbread biscuits. Thirty years on and she is still making them in exactly the same way.   Winter is a common time of year that the family can always find some freshly baked biscuits on a rack or plate somewhere in the Kitchen or breakfast room but they can be made and enjoyed all year long.   And most importantly, after a weekend visit I’m normally packed off home with half a dozen to enjoy later.

4ozs Caster Sugar (Golden or White)
8ozs Butter (Margarine can be used but doesn't have such a rich flavour)
10ozs Sifted Plain Flour
2ozs Cornflour

Pre-heat oven to 180C/350F Gas 4 or 170C Fan Oven.

1 Put all ingredients into a food mixer or processor and mix thoroughly until all the ingredients have come together. This may take a couple minutes or more.

2 Roll out on a floured board and cut into biscuits, or if preferred press into tins, flute the edge, mark into triangles and prick with a fork.

3 Bake for 20/30 minutes, or until lightly coloured, and cool on a wire rack. Biscuits may only take 15/20 minutes.

4 If cooked in a tin cut through marks before the shortbread cools.

5 The shortbread can be kept in a tin for 2/3 days but also freezes well.

* When my children were small I used all sorts of different shaped cutters for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and Easter.

** If using metric measurements the figures for the ingredients are below, and then follow the recipe.

100gms Caster sugar
200gms Butter
250gms Sifted Plain Flour
50gms Cornflour