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Halloumi Bites

The idea for this delicious party starter came from a “Nigella Express” recipe. I adapted the ingredients to make a modified dressing for the Holloumi which turned out to be enjoyed by everyone who had it.

As Nigella mentions in her book, they are messy to eat and are probably best as part of a table, rather than as a tray-bound snack.

(Printable Recipe)

80ml Garlic Oil or 80ml Oil with a glove of small crushed clove of garlic added.
2 tbsp Lime Juice (roughly the juice of one small lime)
3 tbsp Chopped Parsley
3 250g Blocks of Halloumi Cheese, drained
Good grinding of Pepper

1 Combine the oil, (garlic if needed), lime juice, pepper and parsley in a bowl and blend together with a hand-blender.

2 Slice the drained halloumi into 5mm wide pieces and then cut each slice in half again.

3 In a heavy based frying pan, dry fry the slices of cheese in batches until golden on both sides.

4 Put the pieces of the fried halloumi onto small plates and drizzle the dressing over the pieces.


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