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Fruity Flapjacks

I have always made flapjacks – they have always been a family favourite. Also having Coeliac Disease I can tolerate oats as long as I don’t eat them every day. Usually I make them plain, but whilst sitting in the Dentist’s one day I came across this recipe which I copied out. I cannot remember the name of the magazine or the cook so cannot give them the thanks of how these flapjacks are made. All I can say they are delicious and I find it hard to keep to one a day! Do try them at your peril!

(Printable Recipe)

1 Orange
1 Lemon
50g Golden syrup
175g Butter
150g Soft brown sugar
200g Oats (not jumbo)
75g Pine nuts or amount to your liking
75g Raisins or amount to your liking

Pre-heat oven 160C, Fan 140C, Gas 3

1 Grease the inside of a 20cm square baking tin, line with parchment and grease again.

2 Grate zest from Orange and lemon (no pith) into a large saucepan.

3 Measure the golden syrup into the pan too.

4 Add the butter and brown sugar, heat gently stirring until butter melted and sugar melted. Take off heat.

5 Add the oats, pine nuts and raisins to the saucepan and mix thoroughly.

6 Pour into the prepared tin spreading it evenly.

7 Place tin in the oven and bake for 25/35 minutes or until golden in colour. Check the oven after 20 minutes or so.

8 When cooked remove from the oven allow to cool for a few minutes, then mark the flapjack into squares with a knife.

Do eat the first few warm, with coffee or tea, – they are irresistible.

NB: The oats I used are Gluten-free and bought from Waitrose.