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Sloe Vodka


Having foraged what seems like half a truck load of sloes, I decided that I personally would prefer to make Sloe Vodka rather than the common format Gin!

Having seen it for sale at country game fairs I thought I would try it out, simply replacing vodka for the gin. So my mum gave me her Sloe Gin recipe and off I went!

1lb Sloes
8ozs Caster sugar
75cl Vodka

1 Prick the sloes all over with a cocktail stick or needle. If you wait for the first frost of the year, the sloes may already be cracked open.

2 Mix the sloes with the sugar and then add them to a large storage bottle or container with the vodka.

3 Store the bottle in a cool dark cupboard and shake it every other day for a week. Then shake it once a week for two months.

4 The sloe vodka will take on a beautiful dark red colour and be ready to drink.

5 After two to three months, pour the mixture into bottles through a funnel lined with fine mesh or cheesecloth and store in a cool place again.

Might have to make a lot more of this stuff for xmas presents looking at the amount of sloes I have left. My only problem is that I wish I had someone to prick all the sloes for me!!

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If you make this recipe, please come back and let me know!


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