Printable Recipe Links

Having recently wanted to print out a recipe from my blog to use in the kitchen, I realised there wasnt an easy feature to do this, especially when some posts can be quite lengthy with several large pictures. I didnt need the rest of the post, wasting paper and printer ink for the whole article, so I have found a way for myself and other readers to enjoy readng the articles and yet easily print out only what is needed – the recipe itself.

Looking at the image below, there is now a (Printable Recipe) link above each recipe for readers to use. I am slowly going back through all my old posts adding a link in, so some may not have been updated yet by the time this post is published. I will try and have them updated over the next few days.

It’s a simple update that will allow visitors to enjoy reading the whole post, letting them print out the recipe to enjoy later.


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