Wild Salmon and Caper Fishcakes

This has been a household favourite since I was given Delia’s ‘How To Cheat At Cooking’ for my birthday in 2008. It is so simple to make and is great for a lighter dinner – the Watercress Mayonnaise is a perfect addition.

We also have made smaller versions as starters using the recipe when friends and family have come to dinner.

(Printable Recipe)

Serves 2

7.5oz/213g Tin Wild Salmon
1 dsp Capers rinsed and drained
4oz/120g Mashed Potato (4 discs of frozen mashed potato)
3oz/85g Watercress bag
3 Big pinches of Cayenne Pepper
3 tbsp Groundnut oil
For Watercress Mayonnaise:
2 tbsp Mayonnaise mised with 1 dsp lemon juice and chopped watercress (see method)

1 If using frozen mashed potato, defrost in a microwave and allow to cool.

2 Drain the tinned salmon well in a sieve, pressing it down with the back of a spoon. Then place the salmon in a bowl with the capers and potato.

3 Chop 3/4 of the watercress bag in a mini chopper and add a large tablespoon of the chopped watercress to the bowl.

4 Add some salt and the cayenne pepper and mix everything well together.

5 Sprinkle some semolina onto a plate, then divide the salmon mix into 6 and shape them into rounds using your hands, coating each one fully with semolina.

6 Heat the oil in a wok or large frying pan and when it is very hot, add the fishcakes and cook them briefly – about 2 minutes on each side.

7 For the watercress mayonnaise, stir the lemon juice and the remaining watercress into the mayonnaise and season. Serve with the fiscakes and garnish with the rest of the watercress and lemon wedges to squeeze over.

You can use Polenta if you want to make a Gluten Free version.


2 thoughts on “Wild Salmon and Caper Fishcakes”

  1. That’s the first time I’ve heard a good word about that book! The frozen mash was one of my fave things in it too although I do think it is a bit salty. Have used it for the cottage pie type things and it really is a time saver. Your fish cakes look great.

    1. Thanks Janice 🙂 The book has some great time savers and some not so good ones, but quick win recipes like this are very tasty.

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