Blackberry Vodka Update

My next drink to sieve and bottle, after the Sloe Vodka, was my Blackberry Vodka. This was completely different to the first drink, as it was much darker and richer looking and when I opened the bottle for the first time, it had a stronger sweeter smell too.

After sieving the more syrupy liquid through my cheese cloth, I noticed that the blackberries left behind had turned a rich raspberry red colour. I then poured myself a small measure and was very happy with the results! Having a sweet tooth, this drink was really sweet and delicious and had a nice kick to it as well. I was really pleased at this point, as both drinks had been a success. It’s a shame I promised to give most of it away for xmas!!

I really recommend anyone wanting to try making their first homemade alcoholic drink, to give this easy recipe a go. The results are worth it!

Now, I wonder if there is anything I can make with the leftover vodka infused blackberries?

Blackberry on Foodista


5 thoughts on “Blackberry Vodka Update”

  1. sounds good – may well give it a try – like the plastic bottle, gives it an authentic wino in the park look (Absolut Tramp??) – Glenn – PS (I’ve only done chilli vodka myself – which turned out to be one of those OMG, was that a mistake, drinks you have just before a night out… I put a full packet of dried birds eye chillis in a 3/4 full bottle of cheap vodka – left it for a couple months, shaking and turning every day or 2, after straining, put it back in the bottle – IT IS HOT! VERY HOT. – worked out that shaken in a ratio of 1:1 with lime juice and a dash of cointreau, poured into double shot glasses, makes a cracking, mouth burning, shot, to set you up for a night out with the lads)

  2. What did you do with the blackberries? I’ve got my redcurrant vodka to sort out next weekend and thought I might make some sort of chocolate christmas cupcakes and put the redcurrants in that – but any other ideas welcome.

    1. Hi Choclette, I made a Blackberry Vodka Coulis with the leftovers in advance for xmas, using the recipe I did for my Blackberry Vanilla Cupcakes 🙂

  3. I’m in the same situation – made blackberry schnapps (decided to go a step further and make it into blackberry liquour). It was Christmas gifts, but I kept 1 bottle myself because it is SOOOOOOOO good! Somewhere, I saw a recipe to use the leftover, vodka infused blackberries in a cobbler (half infused blackberries, half fresh or frozen (non-infused)). Now, I can’t find that recipe for anything! Darn! So, I’m experimenting with a recipe for blackberry cobbler that I already had… just half and half with the berries. It’s in the oven now… we shall see!

  4. Update – half and half was still WAY too potent! I’m thinking 1/4 infused blackberries (or less) and the rest regular. Phew! Started New Year’s Eve ‘drinking’ a bit early by having some cobbler. Don’t ‘eat’ and drive, to be sure.

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