Blackberry Brandy


Having collected too many blackberries last week, I decided I would try other suggestions I had read about of Blackerry Brandy. This would probably make a more enjoyable xmas present for my Dad than the Sloe Vodka!!

The great thing was, it was so much easier to make than the Sloe Vodka too – no pricking the fruit involved thank god. Other than that the recipe is the same, substituting Brandy for Vodka and Blackerries for Vodka – ta da!!

12ozs Blackberries
6ozs Caster sugar
75cl Brandy

1 Mix the blackberries with the sugar and then add them to a large storage bottle or container with the brandy.

3 Store the bottle in a cool dark cupboard and shake it every other day for a week. Then shake it once a week for two months.

4 The blackberry brandy will take on a even deeper reddish brown colour than the sloe vodka and be ready to drink.

5 After two to three months, pour the mixture into bottles through a funnel lined with fine mesh or cheesecloth and store in a cool place again.


Blackberry on Foodista


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